New plays in a new city: Summer lovin' in Boston / by Liz Morgan

Over and over again, I hear about the love-hate relationship many young artists have with New York City.  The Big Apple is so alluring with her bright lights after dark but I kid you not, when my sweet Jamaican grandmother first immigrated to this country and saw what NYC looked like when she woke up, she wept.  And it’s more than morning breath sometimes with New York.  It can get down right abusive – you know what I’m talking about, MTA.

So I’m having an affair with Boston and boy does she know how to treat a girl.  It’s like Providence’s more attractive sister! And I committed to Providence for seven years but after hunting horcruxes and whatnot it was time to go.

But back to Boston. 

In June, I was working with Company One on Shelter of Last Resort by Miranda Craigwell. Now I’m back at The Huntington Theatre Company doing a workshop of Start Down by Eleanor Burgess.  Both processes have been so inspiring and I’m really proud of the work.

Of course now that I’m away, New York won’t stop calling.  I promised to visit on my day off so I better get going.

Anyway, be sure to check out Start Down and the other summer workshops at The Huntington if you’re around.  And, I’ll let you know how this love triangle turns out.