A dream deferred / by Liz Morgan

After an exhilarating spring, raising funds to produce a small workshop of my original full length, The Clark Doll, my collaborators and I launched a successful, sold-out presentation of the work at Manhattan Rep.  David Mack IV (Film Director and Blog Writer) said of the April 2015 production

The play was unapologetically political without being preachy or self-righteous The entire presentation embodies the perfect marriage between concept and structure
The Clark Doll at Manhattan Rep

The Clark Doll at Manhattan Rep

Despite some big plans and such positive feedback and interest from other festivals and theatres, the right conditions have not been present for a subsequent premiere as I had hoped for the fall.  I was bummed and even embarrassed about that so that’s part of why this update is a bit late.  Most artists don't document their failures on their websites but I wanted to "keep it real" because these setbacks are a big part of the journey.  Regardless, I’m proud to share this humble milestone with the public and look forward to updating you on my new full length in development with Amios Theatre Company very soon.

Onward, upward and happy holidays!